11 Benefits of a 24-Hour Onsite Fire Watch Security Guard Service: Why Your Business Needs Them & Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

Benefits of a 24-Hour Onsite Fire Watch Security Guard Service: Why Your Business Needs Them & Why You Shouldn't Do It Yourself

Fire watch security guards help protect your property, assets, workers, and building occupants from fire hazards through proactive fire prevention aside from avoiding fire code violations. They are particularly important during fire protection system impairments and hot work activities in commercial real estate properties, construction sites, and manufacturing and industrial facilities.

It is also required by the law that only trained personnel should conduct a fire watch. If you want to save yourself from hefty fines and liabilities, hire a certified fire watch company instead of doing the task yourself.

Scout Security is a fully insured and certified fire watch company that only hires high-caliber fire watch guards to serve our clients in the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs areas. We are composed of trained veterans and former law enforcers to give you the quality service you deserve. Hire us now!

Customized Fire Watch Services and Preventing Fire Outbreaks

#1. Robust Fire Watch Services Tailored to Your Building’s and Business’s Specific Needs

The fire watch needs of buildings will depend on various factors including the building’s size, layout, business type, fire hazards present, and others. Professional fire watch security companies, such as Scout Security, understand the needs of every industry and can tailor their services to your specific requirements. They can assess your situation to identify your unique needs and create a robust fire watch plan to ensure effectiveness.

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#2. Prevent Fire Outbreaks Through Early Detection of Fire Hazards

Certified fire watch security guards go through multiple training programs that allow them to effectively identify early signs of different fire hazards and provide swift responses. They are well-trained fire safety experts equipped with the required know-how to mitigate fire risks through continuous surveillance of your property. They perform regular inspections of your facilities, equipment, and grounds to control potential fire hazards before they lead to fire outbreaks.

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Fire watch guards monitor your property to look for dangerous situations that could potentially cause fires such as:

  • Improperly stored flammables and combustibles
  • Gas leaks
  • Overheating machinery or malfunctioning equipment
  • Power losses
  • Sparks
  • Hazardous spills
  • Welding hot spots
  • Faulty electricals
  • Trash buildup

Checking Fire Protection Equipment, 24-Hour Surveillance, and Extra Layer of Protection

#3. Ensure that Your Fire Protection Devices Are Working Properly

Fire watch security guards also help check and test the functionality of your fire protection devices to make sure that they will provide the protection you need in case of emergencies. They can identify issues with your fire alarms, sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other fire monitoring and suppression equipment. They can also check signages and emergency lighting as well as report any identified issues to involved individuals.

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#4. 24-Hour Surveillance to Ensure Peace of Mind

Fire watch security companies usually offer 24/7 patrols to monitor your premises continuously and ensure prompt response to fire hazards even outside regular business hours. This is particularly important in construction sites with no active fire protection systems and are prone to accidental fires due to combustibles, sparks, electrical shorts, and others.

#5. Extra Layer of Protection to Strengthen Your Fire Prevention Plan

Nothing can match the protection that an on-site fire watch guard can provide. Not even the most advanced fire protection systems.

Why? Fire watch security guards can instantly detect fire hazards and perform appropriate actions on the spot. On the other hand, even the most sophisticated fire prevention systems can malfunction any time and get affected by outside factors that will prevent them from performing their intended functions.

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Rapid emergency response and compliance with fire safety codes

#6. Ensure Rapid Response During Emergencies & Guarantee Safe Evacuation

Fire watch guards stay vigilant 24/7 in protecting your property and are also trained to handle emergency situations.

Thus, they can help in ensuring that emergencies are dealt with promptly and evacuation procedures are carried out in an organized manner. They can assist in implementing your emergency protocols and perform the following tasks:

  • Ensuring that emergency exit routes remain clear
  • Initiating and helping in evacuation procedures
  • Activating alarms in case of fire outbreaks
  • Acting as first responders and dealing with various emergency situations including medical emergencies and natural disasters
  • Using fire extinguishers to put out small fires
  • Contacting the management and fire department
  • Aiding fire ambulances

NOTE: The primary purpose of fire watch security guards is fire prevention. Firefighting activities are not included in their responsibilities. They only help in mitigating risks to reduce losses during fire emergencies.

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#7. Maintain Compliance With Building Codes & Fire Safety Regulations

There are local and state fire safety requirements that you need to comply with depending on the type of business you have and the industry you are in. In fact, OSHA, NFPA, and the International Fire Code (IFC) have provided guidelines regarding the need for a fire watch in specific situations. In general, a fire watch is required during hot work activities and maintenance of fire protection systems.

Fire watch security guards are well-versed in fire safety standards that are applicable to your property including local requirements. Thus, helping you avoid fines, liabilities, and failed insurance claims.

NOTE: Local fire officials (Authorities Having Jurisdiction or fire marshals) might have different rules that may be different from that of the NFPA’s and other regulations.

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Proper documentation, avoid insurance claim denials, prevent financial losses, and improve company image

#8. Provide Proper Documentation & Logs

Keeping a fire watch log that contains records of the patrol rounds, hazards encountered, and other relevant information is included in the duties of a fire watch guard. They can provide detailed documentation required by your local fire department, officials, and other involved authorities. Your management can also use this log as a basis to improve your fire prevention plan.

#9. Avoid Insurance Claim Rejections

Negligence due to noncompliance with fire safety codes can lead to denied insurance claims. Most policies will require you to meet fire safety codes and provide maintenance logs to prove that you have set preventive measures to avoid fire outbreaks. This makes filing insurance claims easier in case of fire damage on your property.

#10. Prevent Financial Losses by Reducing the Risk of Property Damage & Liabilities

As mentioned, fire watch security guards help in fire prevention measures and in compliance with fire safety regulations. Thus, reducing the risk of property damage, costly violations, liabilities, and lawsuits due to fire damage.

Specific ways fire watch guards can prevent financial losses and protect your revenue include: 

  • Allowing you to focus on your day-to-day operations by taking over the burden of fire prevention
  • Maintaining business continuity during disruptions due to fire hazards
  • Minimizing downtimes and enhancing productivity by providing peace of mind to your employees
  • Minimizing the risk of property damage, accidents, or even loss of lives

#11. Maintaining a Secure Environment, Providing Public Safety, & Enhancing Customer Experience to Improve Company Image

The proactive fire prevention approach you get from professional fire watch services provides a high level of security that will make your customers and employees feel safe. Fire watch guards not only assist in preventing fires but also control access to your facilities and their presence alone helps deter potential crimes. Making your patrons feel that their safety is your top priority can boost your company’s image and help increase your revenue.

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What are the benefits of a fire watch?

Fire watch services help in the proactive prevention of fire in your property to avoid violations, penalties, financial losses, property damage, and loss of life. They help you comply with local and state fire safety codes and prevent insurance claim rejections.

What is a fire watch guard? What is their role and purpose?

The primary role of fire watch guards is fire prevention. They patrol your premises 24/7 to detect, identify, and control early signs of fire before they lead to catastrophic damage. They also help in implementing your emergency protocols and in assisting evacuation procedures.

Does OSHA require a fire watch? What is the OSHA requirement for Firewatch?

OSHA Standards for Welding, Cutting, and Brazing require trained personnel to conduct fire watch during cutting and welding activities in areas where a fire might develop. This includes hot work activities near combustible materials that can be easily ignited.

How long should a fire watch be used?

Fire watch should be implemented until your fire protection system is back to normal operating conditions, at least half an hour after hot work activities, or after a special event involving large crowds.


Fire watch guards add an extra layer of security to your property by detecting early signs of fire which allows rapid emergency response procedures. This reduces potential damages to your property, business, and reputation as well as prevents liabilities and lawsuits. More importantly, having a 24-hour onsite fire watch guard helps save lives and avoid other devastating consequences of fire damage.

Scout Security can guarantee your peace of mind through our premium fire watch services in Colorado. Our vigilant fire watch security guards can ensure the safety of your property and people by strengthening your fire prevention plan. Contact us now!

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