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Charles Takagi

In recent decades, security industry personnel have needed to evolve from the stereotypical yawning and unmotivated 'guards' to true Security professionals to adapt to the changing times. And security companies have rushed to integrate advanced methods of observing and reporting; using the latest technology to keep up with new threats. The security companies who have made this transition, however, are few and far between; with many of them struggling to protect clients and assets in the modern landscape. Scout Security has embraced and flourished in this new era of security. With advanced and modern approaches, training, and technology; Scout Security officers are ready to face existing and emerging issues and threats while other companys' security guards are caught off guard.

Manager at Vistas at Citadel Apartments

Scout is awesome.! They do a terrific job for us. No complaints. We are so happy with the service they provide for our property.

Dawn Paz

Property ManagerProperty Manager ACF Property Management

Doug Eckels and the officers at Scout Security have provided us with excellent service and are always very responsive to our questions and concerns. We along with our tenants at the property have sound peace of mind knowing our shopping center is in great hands and we all sleep a little better at night.

Kiah Cox

Property Manager at Griffis/Blessing, Inc.

I've been doing business with Scout Security for a few years. I initially dealt with them at a multifamily property, when we hired them for our courtesy patrols. When I transferred to a student housing community, I had no doubts about wanting to hire Patrol Services. Their service is exceptional and Doug is always very helpful with any questions I have. I really do think their service contributes to our community being quiet and it's a selling point for prospects! Looking forward to our continued partnership.

Justin Hilton

Doug and everyone at Scout are incredibly professional and always prompt to arrive. Everything you can hope for in a security company!

Chris Dulin

Windsor Communities

Scout Security is the best! They're always super helpful and available when needed! If you're looking for a new security team give them a call.

Stacy Lhamonie

I LOVE THIS COMPANY!! I literally moved 1,500 miles from South Florida to work for Scouts Security. The boss is amazing literally one of the most honest man you’ll meet. The pay is great and there is always room for growth & promotion. Working for Scout is not like your average security company, it more like a family and they truly do care. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

Lisa G

Great ownership, cares about clients and employees, always willing to listen work together to resolve issues and needs of the client. I recommend this security company to any properties looking for a honest responsive and responsible team of well trained experienced security officers.

Janelle O'Donnell

Scout Security has been a breath of fresh air.   We have hired 2 other companies and we have had challenges with guards actually showing up and doing the job.  We hired Scout Security and they have done a great job and we are glad they are on our team!

Mark Dermond

Denver, Colorado

Very professional service from Scout Security! Scout Security took over security for our multifamily property. They were prompt and courteous. Scout Security continues to do a great job! Would definitely hire them again.

Arthur Manny

Denver, Colorado

Very professional service, they were responsive to our initial questions (both on phone and email) and clear when booking the final details (time, meeting place, name, contact number, etc).  They went out of their way to help us with very little notice and, during the job itself, the security guard remained focused on supervising and protecting.  We are very happy to be working with Scout Security!

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