The Role of Mobile Patrol Security Guards in Enhancing Safety: How Do They Stop Crimes on Your Property?

The Role of Mobile Patrol Security Guards in Enhancing Safety: How Do They Stop Crimes on Your Property?

Mobile patrol security guards undergo rigorous training to deter crimes on your property or business by detecting early signs of criminal activities. Around-the-clock site surveillance and their visible presence alone can discourage potential criminals. They are trained in the best security patrol practices including conflict resolution and emergency response. They can respond to alarms faster and take appropriate actions to prevent costly damage to your business.

Here are 9 ways mobile patrol security can proactively deter crimes on your property.

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Risk Assessment & Visible Presence

#1. Risk Assessment to Determine the Best Mobile Patrol Strategy

Mobile patrol security agencies often offer a detailed risk assessment of your property and security plan to determine gaps and areas of vulnerability. They identify crime hotspots and potential threats through initial inspections as well as using data on previous incidents.

Take note that different buildings or businesses will have different types of risks that need to be considered when developing a patrol strategy. An experienced security agency will be able to create a customized security plan that will address the risks that are specific to your property/business. For instance, some areas may need heightened security at specific times of the day and require more frequent patrols while others may only require simple routine checks.

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#2. Visible Presence to Discourage Potential Criminals

Uniformed mobile patrol security guards in marked patrol vehicles are effective visible crime deterrents that prevent would-be criminals from attempting to do unlawful activities.

Since criminals often target unguarded locations, they are less likely to commit crimes on your property with mobile patrols regularly roaming around your premises. This will also imply that you are taking security seriously which will further reduce the likelihood of theft, burglaries, vandalism, trespassing, and other crimes on your property.

Threat identification, 24/7 site-wide surveillance, and random patrols

#3. Threat Identification

Vigilance and situational awareness are important in security. These are included in a mobile patrol security guard’s training which allows them to spot threats and early signs of criminal behavior. They can also determine the best course of action to address the issue before it becomes a major problem. This proactive security strategy can eliminate potential risks and future criminal attempts on your property.

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#4. 24/7 Site-Wide Surveillance & Random Patrols

Mobile security guards perform their duties 24/7 whether you’re at work, off work, on vacation, or others. Most companies also offer their services during holidays when your business will be closed to give you peace of mind knowing that your property is safe.

In addition, they patrol your premises by car so they can cover larger areas faster and focus on locations that are not visible by cameras. These locations include vacant properties that may be vulnerable to crime at specific hours.

By performing random patrols through different routes on a regular basis, their moves become unpredictable to potential criminals which will help disrupt unlawful activities. This is why designing a robust mobile security strategy is important where patrol routes and schedules are planned thoroughly to ensure that all suspicious activities are identified before they escalate.

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Access control & conflict de-escalation

#5. Access Control to Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Patrol guards can perform various security checks to ensure that all means of entry such as doors, gates, and windows are secured and locked. They can also manage access points and identify suspicious vehicles to make sure that only authorized individuals enter your premises. This makes sure that criminals won’t be able to enter your property without getting caught.

#6. Conflict De-Escalation to Stop Crimes in Progress

Patrol security guards are also trained in de-escalation techniques (“verbal judo” or tactical communication) to prevent situations from getting worse. These include things that security guards can do or say to de-escalate a situation such as physical confrontations and disputes between your employees or guests to defuse the tension.

For instance, mobile security guards are trained to use a calm voice and respectful tone to communicate effectively and successfully achieve compliance from subjects even under pressure or stress. They assess the situation, identify triggers, and build trust to prevent the situation from escalating into a violent crime. This also prevents other people and the security officers from getting hurt.

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Detain & arrest criminals, alarm & emergency response, and liaising with law enforcers

#7. Detailed Documentation & Report Writing

Patrol officers also create detailed documentation and reports regarding identified security issues and incidents as well as the actions taken to address these problems. These reports will help eliminate flaws in your security plan and can save your business in case of lawsuits.

#8. Rapid Alarm & Emergency Response

On-site mobile security guards who are continuously patrolling your premises allow for rapid response to emergencies and security breaches. They can resolve alarm concerns and stop illegal activities in progress within minutes to minimize potential damage to your business.

They are also trained to deal with various emergencies from minor disturbances to major security incidents such as assaults, medical emergencies, fires, natural disasters, and others. Assisting in emergency procedures is included in their major tasks. These will help save lives and prevent liabilities, costly damage, and even violations that you might face.

#9. Liaising With Law Enforcement Agencies

Patrol security officers collaborate and communicate with your local law enforcement agency and other concerned parties to coordinate response and resolve incidents quickly. By working with relevant agencies, they can also share critical information that can help in strengthening your security program.

A Few Things to Note About the Role of Mobile Security Guards

A Few Things to Note About the Role of Mobile Security Guards

The effectiveness of your mobile patrol security strategy will depend on the experience and skills of the guards. Make sure that you hire a certified mobile patrol security company that provides comprehensive training to their personnel to ensure that they will perform their expected duties effectively.

Also, take note that the authority of mobile patrol officers has limitations. They don’t have the same authority as police officers. This is why collaboration with local law enforcement is important so patrol officers can call them in case of situations that require actions that are outside their responsibilities.

In addition, supplementing the efforts of mobile patrol security with video surveillance will make your security plan more effective. Each strategy has its limitations that the other can complement which eliminates gaps in your overall security plan.

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What is a mobile security patrol?

Mobile patrol security involves uniformed security personnel that patrol your premises regularly by car to detect and stop potential crimes. This strategy is ideal for large properties where multiple buildings and locations need to be secured.

What is the purpose of mobile patrolling?

Mobile patrols aim to proactively prevent crimes on your property through random patrols to discourage would-be criminals. They recognize and report suspicious behavior as well as identify potential threats that could damage your business.

What are the duties of mobile patrolling?

Mobile patrol officer duties include threat identification, access control, crime prevention, alarm and emergency response, and report writing. They may also have additional duties depending on your business’s specific needs.


Having certified mobile patrol security guards on your property will give you, your employees, and visitors peace of mind which can help boost productivity and protect your reputation. They are crucial in implementing proactive deterrence and in mitigating the impacts of ongoing crimes. Through their visible presence and skills in threat identification, conflict de-escalation, emergency response, and others, they can keep your property or business safe 24/7.

Hire Scout Security to get trained and certified mobile patrol security guards who will be your first line of defense during criminal incidents and emergencies. We perform detailed risk assessments to devise custom solutions for your business. Reach out to us now!

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