9 Factors to Consider When Hiring Fire Watch Security Services: What Should You Look For When Hiring Fire Watch Guards?

9 Factors to Consider When Hiring Fire Watch Security Services: What Should You Look For When Hiring Fire Watch Guards?

Having state-of-the-art fire protection systems will help protect your property, customers, and guests from fire outbreaks. But when these systems accidentally malfunction or become inoperable due to scheduled maintenance, certified fire watch security guards can help prevent costly damage to your business.

It is crucial to hire an insured, licensed, and experienced fire watch company to prevent liabilities and violations. Here are 9 factors to consider when hiring fire watch personnel in Colorado.

Scout Security’s high-caliber fire watch security guards in Colorado are certified and have undergone various fire safety training programs to maintain public safety on your property. We offer custom-tailored security solutions to cater to your specific needs. Book a consultation now!

Reputation, Accomplishments, Licenses, & Insurance Coverage

#1. Reputation & Accomplishments

You are hiring personnel to whom you can entrust the safety and security of your property and patrons, so make sure that you check the company’s record of accomplishment. A good reputation means quality services.

Don’t just base your selection on the size of the fire watch company. Find one with a proven track record of success in catering to the specific needs of highly satisfied clients in a timely manner.

Confirm the company’s competence and commitment to providing reliable services through testimonials and reviews. You can check with their past and current customers. If they are confident with their services, they will be able to provide you with references from their satisfied clients if you ask them to.

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#2. Licensed & Fully Insured

Check the company’s licenses and documents to verify their legitimacy. There are requirements that a security agency needs to comply with before they can legally operate. In addition, the fire watch security company should be fully insured to protect your business from liabilities in case of accidents during the duration of the fire watch.

Trained, Licensed, & Experienced Fire Watch Guards | Industry Specialization

#3. Highly Trained, Licensed, & Experienced Guards

The International Fire Code 2021 (IFC 2021) and NFPA 25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems require that only trained personnel should conduct a fire watch.

The qualifications of the guards working under them can help you gauge the company’s reliability. Aside from maintaining a presentable and professional look, fire watch guards should be licensed, well-trained, and experienced in handling the most challenging situations, especially emergencies.

Being licensed means they have completed the necessary training and acquired the right skills and knowledge to effectively perform fire watch duties and responsibilities. Professional fire watch security companies, like Scout Security, only hire high-caliber guards who have passed a rigorous selection process. Our fire watch security guards consist of former law enforcement officers and veterans who are experienced in dealing with demanding situations.

Having completed several training programs that include fire prevention techniques and safety procedures, they can identify and prevent potential fire hazards as well as respond to emergencies promptly. They are also well-versed in fire safety laws and regulations to ensure regulatory compliance and avoid violations.

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#4. Industry Specialization

Choosing a fire watch security company that offers special fire watch security guard services in your industry makes sure that your business’s specific needs are met. There are specific skills and training that fire watch guards need to have that may differ from your traditional security guards.

For instance, some agencies don’t offer security services for special events. Some are also well-trained in providing fire watch services for the construction, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and commercial industries. Make sure to work with a fire watch company that specializes in your industry.

Documentation & reporting process, availability, and cost

#5. Documentation & Reporting Process

Colorado’s Division of Fire Prevention & Control requires maintaining a fire watch log. The log should contain the necessary information including completed patrol times, communication records, and other requirements by your local fire department. Thus, it is important that you hire fire watch security guards who are trained in proper documentation and reporting so you won’t have any issues with the required paperwork.

Scout Security also provides real-time incident notifications which are included in our reporting process using smart technology.

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#6. Availability & Capability to Deploy Enough Fire Watch Guards on Short Notice

The company should be available 24/7 to respond to your emergency calls. Scout Security’s customer service is always on standby with extremely high response times and can respond to your emergency calls within an hour. We can also staff within short notice. Thus, we can guarantee you that we will be there when you need the highest level of security the most.

#7. Cost: Get What You’re Paying For

Hiring a fire watch guard company that offers affordable rates is great, but hiring one that offers the best value for your money is better. Do not only compare the prices. Consider the quality of the services as well, including hidden fees and additional services such as video surveillance and mobile patrols for large areas.

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A Company That Can Meet Your Expectations, Number of Guards You Need, & Duration of the Fire Watch

One Last Tip: Make Sure That the Fire Watch Company Can Meet Your Expectations & Can Cater to Your Specific Needs

Find a fire watch guard company that can meet your specific requirements to ensure that you will be highly satisfied with their services. Look for one who can be on the same page with you in maximizing security on your property and ensuring the safety of your patrons. This way, you can rest assured that your business is protected from potential reputational damage.

More Factors to Consider Before You Hire Fire Watch Security Guards

#8. Number of Guards You Need

Hiring enough fire watch security guards to continuously patrol your property is important in ensuring that potential fire hazards are identified and dealt with before they lead to serious problems.

#9. Duration of the Fire Watch

Are you hiring short-term fire watch security guards for compliance purposes when your fire protection system is inoperable? Or do you plan to hire long-term services for ongoing security in your property? This depends on the industry you are in, the purpose of the fire watch, and the requirements in your local area. If your business is dealing with combustibles or performing construction tasks, you might need long-term fire watch guard services.

Other Things to Know About Hiring Fire Watch Guards

Other Things to Know About Hiring Fire Watch Guards

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Fire Watch Guard

Fire watch guards help in preventing financial liabilities, property damage, and loss of life caused by fires. Violations can damage your company’s reputation and can lead to a business shutdown. Hiring a professional fire watch security guard company ensures your regulatory compliance and protects your business’s image to avoid losing customers.

What Can Fire Watch Guards Do to Your Business?

Fire watch security service guards patrol your property 24/7 to identify and control fire hazards. They also contact the authorities in case of emergencies and assist in evacuation procedures. Among the fire watch services they provide include:

  • Construction site fire watch
  • Hot work fire watch
  • Fire protection for apartments, hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, & others
  • Fire watch for manufacturing & industrial facilities
  • Fire watch for entertainment venues & commercial properties

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What are the OSHA fire watch requirements?

In OSHA’s Standard for Welding, Cutting, and Brazing, fire watch guards are required when welding or cutting tasks are being done in areas where fires might develop. The fire watch must also be maintained for at least 30 minutes after the tasks have been completed to extinguish possible fires.

What are the duties of a fire watch? What does a firewatch job consist of?

Fire watch duties and responsibilities include conducting continuous patrols in affected areas to look for signs of abnormal conditions including fire and smoke. They also maintain a fire watch log, contact necessary authorities, sound the alarm in case of emergencies, assist in evacuation procedures, and extinguish small fires.


Hire a licensed and insured fire watch guard company. This will make sure that you are working with guards who have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to perform their tasks effectively. This will also guarantee that your business will be protected from reputational damage caused by fires.

Scout Security offers professional fire watch guard services in the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs areas. We are on standby 24/7 and can deploy well-trained and certified guards on short notice. Hire us now!

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