13 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Mobile Patrol Security Service

13 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Mobile Patrol Security Service

Not all mobile patrol security service providers offer the same quality of services and level of protection you need. So the first thing you have to do is understand your business’s specific needs and find a company that can meet your requirements.

The company should be licensed, insured, and compliant with regulatory laws as well as have certified and trained personnel. They should also be using the right security equipment and implement an effective patrol strategy to address all vulnerabilities in your property.

Here are 13 things to consider when choosing a mobile patrol security service.

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Understand your needs and choose a licensed company

#1. Understand Your Needs

Before you engage in a mobile security service, understand your business’s specific needs first to ensure adequate protection of your property, people, and assets. For instance, larger properties such as construction sites and industrial facilities as well as buildings where a lot of people are coming and going will need a more complex patrol strategy. This ensures the efficient detection of suspicious activities on your property to reduce the risk of potential crimes.

To understand your needs better, consider the following factors:

  • Hazards and security risks that exist in your property (this is different in every industry)
  • The type of security you need (do you need an event security that specializes in crowd control too?)
  • The size of your property & number of buildings to be monitored (the security company should be able to cover your entire property)
  • How often and at what times do you need mobile patrols (do you need 24-hour coverage?)

Once you’ve listed down your needs, it’s time to find the right mobile security company that can meet them.

#2. Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a mobile patrol service is the agency’s insurance coverage and compliance with legal standards. They should have:

  • The necessary licenses to offer security guard services
  • Insurance to prevent your company from being held liable in case of security guard-related accidents

The security company should be insured so you won’t be held responsible in case of unforeseen events during the duration of the patrol service. This is because the security company’s insurance will cover potential liabilities including bodily injury and property damage. Insurance is also often part of a security company’s licensing and regulatory compliance.

Trained personnel and mobile patrol strategy customization

#3. Trained Security Personnel

Hiring a mobile security company with trained and certified staff ensures that they have the right qualifications. This also makes sure that they can protect themselves and effectively identify and handle potential security threats before they lead to bigger problems. They should also know how to use different types of technology to supplement security.

Ongoing training equips the security personnel with the best practices and strategies for conducting mobile patrols effectively to maximize security. Also, the security industry is an ever-changing industry where agencies should stay updated to keep up with technology advancements and patrol techniques to optimize their strategies. Thus, allowing them to create robust mobile patrol strategies that can address every security threat your business is facing.

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#4. Mobile Patrol Strategy Customization

Businesses in different industries will have unique needs and security requirements. Before hiring a mobile patrol security service, make sure that the service provider is going to conduct a detailed risk assessment of your property to better understand your security needs. After identifying the risks, they should be able to customize their patrol strategies to create a comprehensive plan for safeguarding your property.

Among the adjustments that the agency can make are:

  • Number of checkpoints
  • Frequency of patrols
  • Patrol routes and scheduling
  • Number of security officers
  • Manpower distribution
  • Vulnerable areas to focus on
  • The need for additional monitoring devices
  • The need for vehicle and/or foot patrol

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Uniformed guards, marked patrol vehicles, and adequate security equipment

#5. Well-Equipped & Uniformed Security Guards

The mobile security guards should wear properly labeled uniforms with sufficient identification to distinguish them from your staff and customers and avoid being impersonated. The uniforms should contain the agency’s name and not just plain uniforms.

Otherwise, criminals might imitate the security staff which will leave your assets at risk. Having uniformed security personnel on your property also represents professionalism that can deter would-be criminals.

#6. Registered & Marked Patrol Vehicles

Aside from uniformed security officers, marked patrol vehicles also act as a visible deterrent to crimes. The vehicle should be clearly labeled with license and registration plates. Otherwise, the agency might not be accredited to implement security duties.

#7. Adequate Security Equipment & Technology

The agency should also have the right security equipment and it would be better if they are integrating modern technology into their patrol strategies. Security patrols involve complex tasks that require not only highly trained personnel but also the aid of technology and other equipment to streamline their duties and enhance efficiency.

Examples are mobile apps that allow for real-time incident monitoring and reporting. The guards should also be well-protected and have adequate safety equipment, especially when deployed in hazardous sites such as construction facilities.

Reporting methods, customer service, and guard activity monitoring

#8. Recording & Reporting Methods

Technology-based reporting and recording methods are more efficient and effective compared to manual reporting where there is a high possibility of human mistakes. Find a mobile patrol security company that uses automated reporting methods not only to prevent human errors but also to allow for easy access to data and report customization.

#9. Customer Service

Customer service and client support are also crucial when working with a mobile patrol service provider. You should be able to get in touch with them easily and provide you with fast response times, especially during emergencies to allow for rapid response. For instance, Scout security assigns each client a dedicated Client Success Manager to make sure that your inquiries are responded to 24/7.

#10. Managing & Monitoring Guard Activity

The security company should also have a means of monitoring the activity of their patrol officers. They should perform regular check-ins with the security personnel and the security personnel should be able to contact the control room anytime to allow for 24/7 monitoring. Security providers usually have control rooms or monitoring stations to improve communication and record activities to avoid leaving your property and assets vulnerable.

Experience, reputation, services offered, and pricing

#11. Experience & Reputation

Aside from regulatory compliance, the company’s experience and reputation also matter to ensure that you get the best mobile patrol security services. An experienced company will be well-versed in various patrol strategies and requirements for different industries and understand their unique needs. This allows them to provide tailored mobile security solutions to any business and provide high-quality services that you will be satisfied with.

Additionally, asking for references and checking customer reviews will also help verify their reliability.

#12. Services Offered

Some security companies offer all-in-one security services while others specialize in specific types of service for certain industries. Find a company that can provide you with all your industry or business’s security requirements. Some also offer additional services aside from regular patrol duties and specialize in event security among other services which some may not offer.

#13. Budget & Pricing Structure

Consider your budget and the agency’s pricing structure to ensure that you get not only a comprehensive but also a cost-effective mobile patrol service. Get quotes from your potential options and compare their prices. Determine which one can give you the best value for your money. Be aware of hidden charges and fees.

Lastly, Why Should You Hire a Mobile Patrol Service?

Choosing a mobile patrol service provider goes through a rigorous process, but the benefits you get can significantly help in the overall success of your business. Mobile patrols provide highly visible crime deterrents, proactive risk mitigation, and rapid emergency response to keep your customers, employees, and business safe.

They are especially effective and best used in covering large areas and multiple buildings to ensure that intruders and criminals are dealt with swiftly. Just make sure to hire a reputable and reliable mobile security provider to get the services you are expecting.


What are the things to consider in conducting a patrol?

The key things you need to consider are the hazards and risks present in your property that you need to address which will help in creating a comprehensive mobile patrol strategy. The customization of mobile patrols follows after identifying the risks where you need to plan your routes and choose the right equipment so the guards can perform their duties efficiently.

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What would be a key benefit of mobile patrol? What is the purpose of mobile patrolling?

Marked mobile patrol vehicles and uniformed security personnel are effective visual deterrents to proactively prevent unlawful activities on your property. These include theft, loitering, vandalism, equipment damage, and others. They also make your customers and employees feel safe and secure which boosts productivity and improves sales performance.


You should not take shortcuts when hiring a mobile security company because it can make or break your business. You are entrusting your company’s success to the security agency you will be working with, which is a crucial decision that you should not take lightly. Thus, make sure to choose thoroughly and find a company that will give you what you are paying for.

Scout Security guarantees to meet all the mobile patrol security requirements we have listed here so you can trust us to provide you with the security services you truly need. We have been serving big businesses in the Colorado Springs and Denver metro areas for years and have a proven track record of success. Inquire now!

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