Static Security vs. Mobile Patrols: What Are Their Key Differences & Which is the Right Option for You?

Static Security vs. Mobile Patrols: What Are Their Key Differences & Which is the Right Option for You?

Static and mobile security patrols are both effective methods for safeguarding your property and business assets. Their key difference is that static security monitors fixed locations like high-risk areas and access points. Mobile patrol security guards, on the other hand, move around your premises to monitor larger areas.

Know more about the differences between mobile patrols and static guarding security along with how to choose the right option for you here.

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Summary of the Key Differences Between Mobile & Static Patrols

Static GuardsMobile Patrols
– Stationed at fixed locations for constant physical presence
– Monitor entrances and exits and other high-risk areas
– Full-time security guards
– Best for smaller areas and often used for retail premises and events
– Can also be used to guard equipment & machinery
– Move around your property to identify suspicious activities & potential security risks
– Monitor your entire premises using a marked patrol vehicle for visible deterrence
– Only perform pre-scheduled or random patrols at your site as needed
– Best for large establishments
– Chosen for proactive crime prevention & rapid emergency response

What are Static Security Patrols?

What are Static Security Patrols? | Definition | Cost | ideal applications | Key Duties

Static security guards are permanent security guards that monitor an assigned location to prevent security breaches. They are responsible for a specific area which is usually an entrance or exit of a building like retail stores, hotels, offices, and residential establishments.


Static security guards are more expensive compared to mobile patrollers. This is because they work full-time to secure your property.

Ideal Applications

Locations where static guards are often stationed are access points where they need to control who goes in and out of your building or property including suspicious vehicles. This includes entrances where they need to verify identification to ensure that only authorized individuals enter your premises.

Static guards are also common in events to make sure that only invited guests are attending to reduce complications during the event. Aside from access points, you can also station them in areas where you need to guard specific people or assets like equipment or machinery for additional security.

Key Duties

  • ID verification
  • Searching visitors
  • Examining bag contents
  • Logging visitors entering and leaving the building
  • Managing deliveries
  • Concierge services

What Are Mobile Security Patrols?

What Are Mobile Security Patrols? | Definition | Cost | ideal applications | Key Duties

Uniformed mobile patrol security guards actively move around your property on a marked vehicle. They check several locations and proactively deter crimes by identifying security issues and dealing with them immediately before they get worse. They look out for suspicious behavior and early signs of criminal activities.

Their presence provides a highly visible crime deterrent that will discourage would-be criminals from targeting your property. They are also often the first responders to security breaches such as theft and vandalism to mitigate any damage to your business.

Although mobile patrollers are tasked to inspect your entire property, their patrol routes and schedules can be customized to focus more on high-risk areas during their patrols. These patrols can be done at pre-scheduled intervals but are often conducted randomly through different routes for unpredictability. This prevents criminals from getting familiar with the rounds which increases the chances of them getting caught.

In case of security incidents, they will contact the central monitoring station and coordinate with relevant authorities for immediate response.

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Tip: Combining mobile patrolling with live video surveillance will maximize security by eliminating blind spots and making sure that all movements around your property are monitored. This also allows for more rapid response during emergencies and alarms.


Mobile patrols are more cost-effective options that offer site-wide security. You will only pay for the number of patrols you have availed.

Ideal Applications

Since mobile security guards conduct patrols by car, they can cover larger areas which makes them ideal for large sites and facilities with multiple buildings. These include the following facilities that are vulnerable to various criminal activities, especially during off hours:

Key Duties

  • Keyholding duties
  • Access control
  • Internal & external patrols
  • Threat & hazard identification including fire hazards
  • Addressing safety hazards
  • Controlling traffic
  • Escorting employees or clients

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Did You Know?

You can track your patrollers through GPS monitoring systems if you want to be assured that they are really doing their job.

Bonus: How Many Mobile Patrollers Should You Hire?

This will depend on the size of your property and the risks it is exposed to which will also determine how often rounds will be conducted. Larger and high-risk properties might require more rounds and guards for 24/7 security.

You can also choose to hire mobile patrollers who will conduct fewer rounds to secure your premises at night only. This is if you don’t require a high level of security but still want to make sure that your property is safe during off hours.

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So Which Should You Choose? Static Guards or Mobile Security Patrols?

Factors to consider when choosing between static guards and mobile security patrols

In summary:

Hire static guards if:

  • You want a permanent guard who is always on your site to guard high-risk areas
  • You have the budget to pay for a more expensive full-time static guard
  • You want to control entry at certain locations or events and protect high-value assets

Hire mobile patrol guards if:

  • You have a large property with multiple buildings to monitor
  • You want a more affordable option to secure your property
  • You don’t need a full-time security guard but want to actively deter crimes
  • You want to spot and deal with security breaches and hazards quickly

NOTE: Both static and mobile patrol guards are trained to respond to emergencies promptly including fire emergencies. They can perform first aid protocols and assist in evacuation procedures.

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In Short, Consider the Following When Choosing Between Static Security & Mobile Patrols Security Services:

  • Size & layout of your property
  • Vulnerabilities and threats specific to your establishment
  • The level of security your property needs
  • Your budget

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What is static guarding?

Static guarding involves security personnel stationed at fixed locations to monitor the area at all times. This is commonly used in securing entrances and exits, specific equipment or machinery, and other high-value areas.

What is a mobile security patrol?

Mobile patrolling uses marked vehicles to patrol your entire property often at random intervals to effectively deter would-be criminals. It is ideal for securing large premises such as manufacturing and industrial properties as well as construction sites for rapid emergency response.

What are the Types of Security Patrolling?

The two major types of security patrols are foot and mobile patrols. Foot patrollers patrol the property of small businesses to secure high-traffic and high-risk areas. Mobile patrollers monitor larger properties using vehicles and cover multiple areas.


Static and mobile patrols are effective security measures in preventing unlawful activities on your premises if used in the right situations. Combining these two strategies is even better for large businesses to ensure the maximum protection of your business assets.

Scout Security offers comprehensive risk assessments to help determine the best security strategy for your business. Whether you need static guards or mobile patrollers in Colorado, our certified personnel are here to assist you. Contact us now!

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