Security Guards

Know How to Become Security Guards?

Do you want to feel safe while working, shopping, or going anywhere? Having personnel security guards who make sure of your and your property’s safety is essential in many establishments such as banks, residential buildings, parking garages, and medical facilities.

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Dedicated Guard

11 General Orders of Security Guard

Do you want to hire a security guard? Do you want to know about the code of ethics and the conduct? If yes, then read the complete article and get detailed information about the general rules of the security guard

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Dedicated Guard

Can a Security Guard Hit You?

Security officers can only make physical contact if they are attacked, and only then in self-defense. Again, depending on where you live and what laws apply, guards are usually authorized to touch because they have the authority to detain the

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Fire Watch Security Duties

In today’s world, Fire watch security is crucial for business. You do not try to perform the task in fire watch protocols by itself or not to do it by your employees because you are not trained or knowledgeable to

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Advance Professional Security Services in Denver

Security guards are meant to protect people, maintain order, and enforce various rules and laws. Typically, they are hired for safety; they patrol properties such as schools, malls, large venues, etc.  Professional securities are responsible for the business or area

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