11 Benefits of Mobile Security Patrol in Improving Safety & Why Your Business Needs It

Benefits of Mobile Security Patrol in Improving Safety & Why Your Business Needs It

Mobile patrol security services are highly versatile and cost-effective security solutions offering 24/7 site-wide surveillance for proactive crime prevention. Their major benefits include customizable security solutions at cost-effective prices, visible crime deterrence, and rapid emergency response. These will help in reducing potential damage to your property and reputation as well as prevent significant losses that could lead to your business being shut down.

Here are 11 reasons why you need mobile security patrol for your business to protect your reputation and bottom line.

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What is Mobile Security Patrol?

Mobile patrol services involve security guards in marked vehicles conducting random or scheduled patrols around your premises to identify suspicious behaviors and prevent unlawful activities. These include trespassing, vandalism, theft, break-ins, and others.

Big companies covering multiple buildings or large areas benefit the most from mobile patrolling services. These companies include:

  • High-end residential estates
  • Commercial warehouses
  • Manufacturing and industrial facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Processing plants
  • Factories

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Benefits: Customizable services and proactive crime prevention

#1. Customizable Security Services Tailored to Your Needs

Mobile patrol security services can be customized based on the vulnerabilities and gaps identified in your security plan after a detailed risk assessment of your property/business. Every industry has its unique security needs that need to be addressed and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For instance, residential buildings will have different needs from manufacturing and industrial facilities because the involved security risks are not the same.

Patrol schedules, routes, and strategies can be adjusted accordingly and areas that require a higher level of security during specific hours can be checked frequently. The patrol strategy can be modified in case new threats have been identified and when there are changes in your processes. Professional mobile security companies also provide recommendations on how to strengthen your security plan. This includes improving lighting and installing additional security cameras.

Moreover, mobile patrol guards can have additional duties aside from patrolling your property regularly to meet your specific requirements and ensure that all vulnerable spots are secured. These duties include:

  • Securing doors, windows, gates, and other access points
  • Inspecting entrance and exit points before and after work
  • Checking for fire hazards and other threats
  • Identifying suspicious vehicles in your parking lot
  • Monitoring and responding to alarms and emergencies
  • Escorting employees and clients
  • Monitoring contractors

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#2. Proactive Crime Prevention

Mobile patrol security guards roam around your property continuously and are trained to spot security risks and unusual behavior including those that could create security issues. They remain vigilant at all times to be able to respond promptly to suspected unlawful activities. These can prevent early signs of criminal acts from escalating into serious crimes.

Also, as mentioned before, mobile patrol security officers perform various checks which will further reduce the likelihood of your property being targeted by potential criminals.

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Benefits: Highly-visible crime deterrence & cost-effective security solution

#3. Highly-Visible Crime Deterrence

Mobile security patrols prevent criminals from conducting illegal activities inside your property through their presence alone. They move around your property in their professional uniforms and marked vehicles that are easily identifiable even from afar. This will imply that you are taking security seriously which will discourage nearby criminals.

#4. Cost-Effective Security Solution

If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford full-time on-site security guards, mobile patrol services are more affordable options. Compared to dedicated traditional guards, mobile patrols can cover larger areas and you will only pay for the scope of the services and the number of hours you have availed.

NOTE: Aside from the service scope, the size of your property, patrol duration, and patrol frequency will affect the final cost.

Moreover, mobile patrolling services are also cheaper compared to installing high-end security systems that can only offer partial security. Mobile patrols do not need installation and maintenance fees. Thus, it is best to complement more affordable alarm systems with mobile security patrolling to ensure the overall effectiveness of your security plan.

Regardless of how advanced your security system is, it can never replace human security guards when it comes to rapid decision-making and real-time response.

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Reduced liability, site-wide surveillance, & unpredictable patrols

#5. Reduced Losses & Liability Claims Against Your Business

Since mobile patrol guards can proactively prevent crimes, they can mitigate the impacts of security breaches that could cause significant financial losses. Liabilities, lawsuits, and other legal actions against your business due to security incidents can be reduced. Aside from these, you can also prevent reputational damage and other costly expenses such as repairs.

#6. 24/7 Site-Wide Surveillance to Cover Every Area

You will have vigilant mobile patrol officers protecting your property around the clock to reduce the chances of criminal activities happening on your property. They will be there day and night, on and off work, as well as during holidays and even in harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, mobile patrols can cover multiple locations within a short time, unlike technology-based security systems that have limited coverage. They can go anywhere, even hard-to-access locations, and inspect every corner of your property to make sure that everything is clear. This makes them ideal for all types of businesses in need of affordable site-wide surveillance.

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#7. Random Patrols for Unpredictability to Prevent Unlawful Activities

When trespassers, loiterers, thieves, and other would-be criminals do not know where mobile patrols will go next, they won’t dare to enter your property for fear of getting caught. Patrol schedules can be done at predetermined intervals, but are most often conducted at random times to maximize security.

Rapid response, risk mitigation, improved employee morale, and customer satisfaction

#8. Rapid Response & Risk Mitigation

Although alarm and CCTV surveillance systems are crucial aspects of your security plan to alert people and assist in investigations, they cannot stop crimes. Human intervention will always be needed to take immediate action. Thus, complementing your security systems with mobile patrol security guards allows for rapid alarm and emergency response to prevent security issues from getting worse.

These guards are trained in various emergency procedures so they are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to maintain order and protect your property in case of security breaches. They can perform first aid procedures and CPR, assist in evacuation, and contact necessary authorities to deal with the issue promptly.

With the help of modern communication systems to improve coordination, mobile patrols can respond to security threats faster than traditional security measures and tech-based systems. Thus, minimizing damage and preventing further losses to your business.

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#9. Improved Employee Morale & Increased Customer Satisfaction

Mobile security patrol officers are beacons of peace and safety. Having security cameras and alarms on your property is great, but having on-site security guards who can handle issues swiftly is even better. These will make your employees, customers, tenants, and/or visitors feel safe which will boost employee morale and improve customer satisfaction.

Employees who feel secure will be more confident in doing their daily tasks efficiently and happy customers will keep on coming back. Mobile security can help build customer trust and loyalty and improve your reputation which is important in keeping your business running. This can also attract new customers and potential investors to help you grow your business.

Boost your reputation and real-time incident reporting

#10. Highly Trained Uniformed Security Guards to Boost Your Reputation

Mobile patrol guards undergo comprehensive training that includes threat identification, situational awareness, best patrol strategies, crowd control, and emergency preparedness. This will ensure that you only get experienced and skilled professionals who can handle security breaches effectively.

They also come in properly labeled uniforms and marked patrol vehicles to create a positive impression on your patrons and help boost your reputation.

#11. Real-Time Incident Reporting

Many mobile security patrol service companies, like Scout Security, use advanced reporting and documentation software where you can get customized reports according to your needs. This way, human error can be reduced and they can perform their duties more efficiently. Accurate and detailed reports can also help in identifying gaps to improve your security plan. You can also get real-time incident notifications as per your request.

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What are the benefits of mobile patrol security services?

Some of the benefits of mobile guarding include customized security solutions, cost-effectiveness, proactive crime prevention, visible crime deterrence, and rapid response. Since it reduces the risk of crimes, you can also reduce liabilities, property damage, and other financial losses.

What are the patrolling techniques for security?

One of the most effective mobile patrolling techniques includes conducting random patrols to make your rounds unpredictable. This will reduce the chances of criminal offenders committing unlawful activities on your property.

What are the duties of a mobile patrol security guard?

The key duty of mobile patrol officers is to monitor, patrol, and inspect your premises to identify security threats and deal with incidents promptly. They make sure that only authorized personnel enter your property and that security hazards are addressed properly.


Regardless of how advanced your security system is, it cannot beat the vigilance and swiftness of human security guards. You need on-site personnel to respond to security incidents promptly and prevent significant losses to your business. Mobile security provides you with a cost-effective option for securing large properties and multiple buildings to keep your business safe from unlawful activities.

Scout Security offers site-wide mobile patrol security services for property managers and business owners in the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs areas. We have insured and licensed security guards to keep your assets safe. Contact us now and get what you pay for!

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