7 Benefits of Mobile Patrol Apps: Why Should Security Guards Use Mobile Patrol Apps to Enhance Overall Security?

Benefits of Mobile Patrol Apps: Why Should Security Guards Use Mobile Patrol Apps to Enhance Overall Security?

If you are a property manager looking into hiring mobile patrol services from a security company, choose one that incorporates technology into their patrol strategies including mobile patrol apps. This will help ensure that you get top-notch services through increased accuracy, efficiency, and productivity to guarantee the effectiveness of your security plan.

These apps allow for real-time communication and incident reporting to ensure rapid response. They also help minimize your business’s exposure to security risks and threats caused by outdated patrol procedures. Below are 7 advantages of mobile patrol applications not only to your security provider but also to your business by ensuring that you get the high level of security you need.

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What are mobile patrol arts & why do mobile security guards need them?

What Are Mobile Patrol Apps?

These are mobile-based patrol applications equipped with features that make conducting patrols easier such as:

  • Creating patrol schedules and shifts
  • Informing security personnel
  • Tracking & managing security guards
  • Incident documentation and reporting
  • Scanning checkpoints
  • Real-time communication
  • Contacting the authorities
  • Shared access to patrol details

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Why Do Mobile Security Guards Need Mobile Patrol Apps?

Mobile patrol security has been proven to be a cost-effective option in proactively deterring criminal activities on your property. But without the right tools and technology to assist in simplifying the complexity of mobile patrol tasks, your security strategy is deemed to fail.

Mobile patrolling covers multiple buildings within a large area that are exposed to different security threats which guards need to manage simultaneously. With app-based mobile patrol solutions, every movement and incident around your premises can be efficiently controlled and responded to immediately.

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Mobile patrol apps benefits: improved efficiency & accurate and paperless reports

#1. All-In-One Device That Improves Efficiency

Mobile patrol apps come with multiple features so guards won’t need to carry different devices with them to help them with their patrol duties. These include audio communication, video chat, taking photos and videos, checkpoint scanning, contacting the authorities, and others. Security guards also do not need comprehensive training to use security guard apps.

These will greatly improve the work efficiency and productivity of the guards so you’ll get the quality of service you are paying for

#2 Accurate, Detailed, & Paperless Reports

Since reports can also be done via patrol apps, security guards can go paperless. These apps can have autofill options which reduces human errors and saves the guards a lot of time on paperwork. Thus, allowing them to focus on more important duties such as threat identification and crime prevention on your property.

Security guards can even attach photos and videos to their reports that will serve as proof of their patrol rounds. In case of reported incidents, they can also include control measures implemented in handling the incident. These reports can be used to assess the effectiveness of your current security plan and whether improvements are necessary.

In addition, information is also backed up automatically so they will never be lost.

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Clients Can Also Get Real-Time & Customized Incident Reports

Clients can request to receive real-time notifications and customized reports of the incidents around their premises that they want to stay updated on. 

Organized patrol schedules and shifts & security guard tracking

#3. Organized Patrol Schedules & Shifts

Security companies can customize patrols and shifts, set checkpoints, and assign tasks to guards through the app to organize patrol rounds. This is especially important if:

  • There are more guards on duty who need to take turns patrolling your property
  • There are multiple sites or buildings to monitor

Security personnel can easily view these data which streamlines operations. This is also helpful if you have availed different types of security strategies from a single company such as dedicated security guards and fire watch services aside from mobile patrols. Well-organized patrol strategies will avoid confusion and reduce delays.

#4. Security Guard Tracking & Monitoring

More advanced mobile device apps have GPS-based tracking systems that can monitor security guards to make sure that they are doing their job and all checks are being conducted. Security patrol guard tracking increases visibility and guarantees greater accountability to ensure that guards are always doing their best in providing quality service. Supervisors can also evaluate their personnel’s performance and make adjustments as necessary. 

You as the client can also trace the movements of the mobile patrollers yourself to verify if they are really conducting the number of rounds they said they would be doing. Detailed reports that include patroller movements can also help in case legal issues that might require them will arise.

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Easy data access, real-time communication, & rapid response

#5. Easy Access to Data

Since mobile patrol apps are cloud-based, all security-related information such as patrol shifts and reports can be accessed at all times. Unlike web-based security guard software that requires a laptop or PC with sufficient processing power before you can access data, mobile phone apps can be used by almost everyone. Thus, anyone can access patrol data through their smartphones without any hassle.

#6. Clear & Real-Time Communication

Many security companies still use two-way radios and although these are reliable, clear communication cannot be guaranteed and they have their limitations. This includes limited range which can be affected by various factors such as weather, terrain, and elevation.

Android and iOS mobile devices have a better range compared to two-way radios so they are ideal for long patrols. Moreover, smartphones and apps can be used for both audio communication and video chat which makes communication easier.

In addition, mobile phones can also be used to communicate silently, unlike walkie-talkies where you need to talk out loud. This is helpful during offender sightings and when sensitive information is being shared between the guards.

#7. Instant Alarm/Emergency Response

Through clear and real-time communication, security guards can improve their coordination in case of alarms and emergencies which speeds up incident responses. This helps mitigate potential damages due to security breaches to save your business from financial losses.

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What is the main advantage of mobile patrol?

The key benefit of mobile patrols is detecting and dealing with early signs of security breaches on your property before they escalate. This proactive crime prevention helps prevent significant damage to your property and reputation.

What are the benefits of security patrolling?

Some of the advantages of security patrols include:

– Highly trained security guards to boost your reputation
– Customizable security solutions that meet your specific needs
– Proactive crime prevention through highly visible crime deterrence
– Cost-effective security solutions
– 24/7 site-wide surveillance of large areas
– Immediate alarm and emergency response to reduce losses and liability claims
– A safer environment that increases customer satisfaction & improves employee productivity

What is mobile patrol used for?

Mobile patrols are best for large properties and covering multiple buildings. They are ideal for guarding construction sites, manufacturing facilities, commercial warehouses, factories, industrial sites, processing plants, and others.


Integrating technology with mobile security patrols will significantly improve the safety of your property, employees, and customers at a cost-effective price. With security guard apps, patrollers can stay organized even when monitoring multiple sites and respond to emergencies faster. Thus, protecting your bottom line from security breaches.

Scout Security uses advanced technology including mobile patrol apps for real-time incident monitoring and reporting as well as security personnel tracking. We can also give you customized reports based on your requirements. Hire us now and get the best mobile patrol security services in Colorado!

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